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Breaking News: Liverpool Player Luis Diaz’s Family Kidnapped in Colombia

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The players, staff and supporters of Liverpool were shocked by the news that emerged from Colombia on Sunday regarding the family of Luis Diaz. Reports surfaced that his parents had been kidnapped in Colombia, leaving the club and its fans deeply concerned.

The club confirmed that they were aware of the ongoing situation and expressed their support for the winger and his family. It was reported that his mother had been rescued, but his father, who shares the same name, Luis, was still missing. Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed the rescue of Diaz’s mother and assured that the search for his father was ongoing.

In spite of this distressing news, Jurgen Klopp’s team had to focus on their Sunday match against Nottingham Forest. The players showed their solidarity with Diaz by holding up a ‘Luis Diaz 7’ shirt after Diogo Jota opened the scoring in the Premier League match.

What Happened to Luis Diaz’s Parents?

According to reports, Luis Diaz’s parents were kidnapped by unknown assailants in Barrancas, Colombia on Saturday evening. Diaz, upon hearing the news, left the team hotel and received support from club staff at his home in the UK. While his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, has been rescued, his father, also named Luis, is still missing. The Colombian police have offered a reward of up to 200 million pesos for any information leading to the release of Diaz’s father. A comprehensive military and police search is currently underway in the country.

Is Luis Diaz in the Liverpool Squad?

Luis Diaz was part of the Liverpool matchday squad for their 5-1 Europa League group-stage victory over Toulouse but was absent from the Nottingham Forest game. It is expected that he will remain unavailable until the situation is resolved. Liverpool has stated that the player’s well-being is their top priority. Diaz, affectionately known as ‘Lucho’ by his manager and teammates, may not feature in Liverpool’s upcoming Carabao Cup trip to Bournemouth on November 1.

Statements from Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp expressed the difficulty in preparing for the Forest game amidst the distressing news. He emphasized that the team’s primary focus was to support Diaz during this challenging time. Klopp revealed that they were informed late on Saturday night and immediately arranged for Diaz to return home with the necessary support.

Klopp also shared the positive news of Diaz’s mother’s rescue and expressed his relief. He acknowledged that the situation was still unfolding and that they were in constant contact with Diaz and his family. Liverpool is working closely with the relevant authorities but understands the importance of respecting the privacy and sensitivity of the matter.

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