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Jakarta International Stadium Receives Mixed Reactions During U-17 World Cup

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The grass at Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) has become a topic of discussion among netizens during the U-17 World Cup 2023. However, Football Institute founder Budi Setiawan dismisses its significance.

“I consider the matter of JIS grass to be settled; JIS has become one of the stadiums for the U-17 World Cup and has already hosted two matches. There have been no complaints about JIS or its grass,” stated Budi Setiawan in an official statement.

JIS hosted U-17 World Cup matches starting on Saturday (11/11/2023), including two Group C games between Brazil vs. Iran and England vs. New Caledonia.

Thus far, there haven’t been any complaints from teams that have played at JIS. In fact, some teams have praised the stadium.

Budi Setiawan emphasizes that the crucial aspect of the U-17 World Cup is the service provided to the spectators. He noted an issue at Gelora Bung Tomo, Surabaya, where there was a shortage of shuttle buses, causing spectators to wait in long lines.

“The problem of not having enough shuttle buses, causing spectators to wait for quite a long time, and the post-match crowd management where spectators scramble for buses must be evaluated and improved promptly,” commented Budi.

“The limited availability of refreshments and drinking water is also a point to note. I watched the matches live at GBT and followed the flow like any other spectator,” Budi added.

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