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Strategic Preparations: Timnas Indonesia Gears Up for Crucial Clash with Philippines

The Indonesian national football team has initiated its first training session in the Philippines. Drawing insights from the match against Iraq, Coach Shin Tae-yong has specifically cautioned his players.

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The inaugural practice for Timnas Indonesia took place on Saturday (18/11) evening local time, following their arrival from Iraq earlier that day.

The Garuda is set to face the Philippines in their second match of the World Cup 2026 Qualification second round on Tuesday (21/11).

In their previous encounter, Rizky Ridho and his teammates faced the host nation, Iraq, suffering a resounding 1-5 defeat at the Basra International Stadium on Thursday (16/11).

Players of Timnas Indonesia Urged to Heighten Focus

In preparation for the upcoming clash with the Philippines, Shin Tae-yong has reminded the players to maintain a heightened focus. Mistakes made during the encounter with Iraq should not be repeated.

After the match against Iraq, we moved on to the Philippines. A full day on the road. So, the players are fatigued and tired, but I will prepare the team well,” stated Shin Tae-yong during a briefing.

In football, victories and defeats are inherent. However, numerous factors pose challenges for us, ranging from time constraints, jet lag, and more. Therefore, I reiterate to the players not to repeat the mistakes made, from the first goal to the third,” he emphasized.

The South Korean coach attributed the three goals conceded against Iraq to mistakes made by the Indonesian players. He hopes the team can rebound and exhibit an improved performance against the Philippines.

We conceded goals, so the players understand and comprehend what they need to do before facing the Philippines,” explained Shin Tae-yong.

I will also prepare for the match better, undoubtedly. The Indonesian football community eagerly anticipates the next game,” he added.

To ensure thorough preparation, upon arriving in the Philippines, Shin Tae-yong aims for swift player adaptation. This includes acclimating to the weather, environment, and the conditions of the synthetic turf at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

As observed, the grass at the Rizal Memorial Stadium is not natural but synthetic. Hence, we will focus on recovery training and simultaneously practice to enable the players to quickly adapt to the synthetic turf,” highlighted Shin Tae-yong.

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