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The Allure of Indonesian Volleyball: Unveiling the Captivating Wilda Nurfadhilah

Volleyball matches are increasingly capturing public interest, not only for their excitement but also for the captivating presence of the players. Take, for instance, the Turkish female volleyball player Zehra Gunes, hailed as the "volleyball goddess," or South Korean male player Sung Jin, whose charisma leaves female spectators mesmerized.

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What about Indonesia’s volleyball athletes? They are certainly no less attractive! Consider Fahry Septian Putratama, a handsome player showcasing his skills in the Bulgarian League, or Yolla Yuliana, whose beauty captivates male viewers.

Among them is Wilda Nurfadhilah, the captain of the Indonesian Women’s Volleyball Team at the 2023 SEA Games, renowned for her beauty and unwavering commitment to wearing a hijab during matches. Let’s delve deeper into Wilda Nurfadhilah’s profile, achievements, and her current relationship status. Without further ado, let’s scroll down!

Wilda Nurfadhilah
Wilda Nurfadhilah

Wilda Nurfadhilah’s Profile

Wilda Siti Nurfadhilah Sugandi, affectionately known as Wilda, was born on February 7, 1995, in Bandung, Indonesia. At the age of 28, she stands tall at 179 cm. She is the second child of Ugan Sugandi and Wiwi Lestiani, with her younger brother, Achmad Rizal Nurhuda, also an aspiring volleyball athlete playing for the Jakarta BNI 46 club.

In addition to her volleyball career, Wilda Nurfadhilah is engaged in the fashion business, particularly affordable hijabs priced under 100,000 IDR! She sells hijabs, arm sleeves, underscarves, and more. You can explore her products on Instagram @fadhilahijab17, while Wilda’s personal Instagram is @wildanurfadhilahh.

Early Volleyball Interest

It appears that Wilda Nurfadhilah’s parents played a significant role in introducing her to volleyball. At the age of 9, her parents began cultivating her interest in the sport. In 2011, Wilda represented Indonesia in the 2011 Asian Volleyball Championship as part of the national senior team.

In 2016, Wilda officially joined Bandung BJB Tandamata. A year later, she became one of the athletes representing Indonesia in the prestigious SEA Games. From that point onward, her professional volleyball career soared, especially after assuming the role of Captain of the National Women’s Volleyball Team.

Consistent Use of Hijab

Wilda Nurfadhilah’s excellence in volleyball has garnered attention not only for her skills but also for her unwavering commitment to wearing a hijab during matches. When asked about the challenges of wearing a hijab while playing volleyball, she admitted facing numerous challenges and negative comments. However, because she feels most comfortable wearing a hijab on the court, she remains consistent.

“Wearing a hijab on the volleyball court is not always easy. I faced some negative reactions initially, but I was determined to wear it because it’s an essential part of my identity and what I feel most comfortable with on the field,” expressed Wilda in a media interview.

Nevertheless, Wilda has proven that wearing a hijab does not affect her performance in the world of sports, particularly in professional volleyball competitions. She even gained international recognition, going viral on the renowned volleyball account @volleyballworld, which highlighted her as the only hijab-wearing athlete at the SEA Games 2023, a distinction they deeply respected!

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